The Denham Oaks Dad's Club (formerly known as Watch D.O.G.S.) is a committee of our PTA. We welcome any male role models who are involved with a child attending Denham Oaks Elementary, such as uncles, older brothers, grandfathers, coaches, and stepfathers.


Dads’ clubs are meant to complement parent groups, not compete with them. Creating a dads’ club isn’t a sign that moms aren’t pulling their own weight; instead, it’s an opportunity for fathers to have focused time with their children, something they may not be able to do that often in everyday life. In many ways, developing a committed network of involved fathers is its own reward: Being involved with a child’s academic life can act as a springboard to more involvement in parenting overall.


Why join?

  • Students whose parents/families are involved at school perform better
  • Enjoy camaraderie and community
  • Engage in fun, family outings & events
  • Provide positive male role models to students and increase dads involvement in the school without any big commitments
  • Help to further the mission of PTA to make every child’s potential a reality by engaging and empowering families and communities to advocate for all children.
  • Provide support to the PTA on various projects to improve our children's educational experience
  • Enrich the education of students by modeling characters of kindness, service, and community


The Dad’s Club provides manpower for a multitude of educational, social, and fundraising activities for the kids…and mixes in lots of dad socializing as well. Examples of some of the Dad’s Club projects include Movie Night, the Sweetheart Dance (formerly known as the Dad & Me Dance) and providing the delicious food at our Spring Carnival. The Denham Oaks PTA Dad’s Club is always looking for new members to help. Anything you want to do is appreciated, whether it is building a bench, painting a mural on a wall, serving food, organizing an event, building a haunted house, fixing a basketball goal, or numerous other tasks that can put your skills to good use for the school. 


If you have questions regarding the Denham Oaks PTA Dad’s Club or are looking for volunteer opportunities, please reach out to Jorge Rodriguez at or Joseph Soares at